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Coconut Petha

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In Agrapetha, we’ve perfected ‘Coconut Petha’ using traditional ingredients and strict hygiene practices. Enjoy Agrapetha’s Coconut Petha and celebrate with every bite.

🔢 Weight: 400 gm
🏷️ Brand: Agrapetha
🍮 Type: Coconut Petha

For centuries, we have been perfecting the art of creating ‘Coconut Petha,’ staying true to its traditional ingredients and rigorous hygiene standards. This distinctive and delectable treat from Agra has earned worldwide acclaim, reminiscent of its royal roots. With a shelf life of approximately 10 days, it retains its deliciousness whether savored at room temperature or chilled. Experience the exceptional flavor of Agrapetha’s Coconut Petha and make every moment a celebration.

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