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Kesar Cherry Petha

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Enjoy an extraordinary blend of tradition and taste with our ‘Kesar Cherry Petha’. It is packed with the great taste of natural sweetness in small pieces.

🔢 Weight: 400 gm
🏷️ Brand: Agrapetha
🍮 Type: Kesar Cherry Petha

Savor the exceptional blend of tradition and flavor with our ‘Kesar Cherry Petha’ Enriched with the luxurious taste of it natural sweetness in small pieces, this delightful confection from Agra presents a contemporary twist on a timeless classic. Made from the highest quality ingredients and maintaining strict hygiene standards, our Kesar Cherry Petha promises a delicious and safe indulgence. Boasting a shelf life of 10 days, it retains its delightful taste whether enjoyed at room temperature or chilled. Experience the refined flavor of Agrapetha’s Kesar Cherry Petha and elevate your celebrations with a touch of elegance.

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